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this plant makes the prettiest flowers. In Maui, they are one of the favorites for back yard growers. Makes the most delicious jellies and juices. They can take over your garden if you do not cut them back or find a trellis or archway for them to grow. They have a tart flavor at first but they do get sweet to eat from the fruit. Good luck.

Posted by pattigirl on 2007-08-26, 03:45:32 Offensive  Report this as offensive.

They grow wild in South Carolina. Dug up a few and put them in some good dirt, now I have them coming out my ears. LOL. My Dad always called them May Pops when he was a kid. We used to go walking in a cleared fild and pick and eat them. I mixed in some mushroom compost and peat moss with garden dirt. They LOVE it! Hope yours do well. Happy Gardening!

Posted by chickkitty on 2007-09-27, 10:31:18 Offensive  Report this as offensive.

By the way, Daddy always said that mushroom compost will grow door knobs. I believe him! LOL.

Posted by chickkitty on 2007-09-27, 10:35:48 Offensive  Report this as offensive.

Beautiful! I just posted a shot of my "Blue" passionfruit flower. Similar but with finer radials. Unfortunately, I've found that mine are not hardy in Charlotte (z7), and the first frost has already killed most of the foliage. Are your's evergreen in zone 6? Mine came mail order from a California grower... perhaps it is a more tropical species?

Posted by worrelldpeace on 2007-11-17, 14:59:12 Offensive  Report this as offensive.

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