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Do you have a problem with wind? I don't live in the city, but I work in/manage a building downtown and I'd love to grow stuff on the roof, but I'm afraid it will blow away. Your veggies look great!

Posted by concretenprimroses on 2008-05-22, 11:32:16 Offensive  Report this as offensive.

I would like to say that I looked at a lot of your photo's at Flikr and I am mighty impressed with what you did!!! Wow. I am also so very sorry for the passing of your companion. Their life span is so much shorter than ours,it is not fair. I also lost a little buddy, he was 14. I have little guys, Yorkies. I have 3 right now. Anyway, I just love your garden pictures. That is a heck of a lot of work tho'. Not that I am afraid of work. Simply beautiful veggies. The only thing that did really good in my yard this year were the peppers. Of course I did not amend the soil any either. I may pamper a small area because I do love tomatos. So what are your plans for next year? Are you still rooftop gardening? That is just so awesome. Have you gotten you another sidekick yet? You need to! =)

Posted by gardenpassion on 2008-10-19, 20:39:12 Offensive  Report this as offensive.

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