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Your Hoya blooms are great! We also have one of these plants, originally from my grandmother. It is at least 25 years that I have had this. It has bloomed only a couple times, and not for the last 10 years or so. I hope someday it will again bloom. I do have some photographs of the times it bloomed. Otherwise, it is very healthy and happy in a sunroom. Thanks for the great photograph.

Posted by dougy2040 on 2009-02-13, 11:17:58 Offensive  Report this as offensive.

Oh, I love this plant so much! I had one for years, and then moved to a cold climate, where I lost it. Thanks for reminding me of my beloved plant.

Posted by barbiekemp on 2009-02-20, 17:21:56 Offensive  Report this as offensive.

I have a plant also did not bloom for 20 years, when I moved, each and every branch is blooming. Respect every life.... it is full of miracle.... littlehorse

Posted by littlehorse on 2009-04-03, 12:58:12 Offensive  Report this as offensive.

its a Hoya obovata nice plant

Posted by plumeriahilo on 2010-05-08, 19:30:27 Offensive  Report this as offensive.

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