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Beautiful "Peacock Orchid". Mine were equally as lovely.

Posted by cdalebnokla on 2009-01-11, 20:35:33 Offensive  Report this as offensive.

This is not an Orchid. It is a tender flowering bulb in the genus Acidanthera. In addition to the common name Peacock Orchid, it is sometimes called a Fragrant Gladiolus, this is closer to it's actual family group. It is either in the Lily or Amaryllis Family. Small corms are often given away as extras by nursery companies who want to encourage you to order from them. It can be dug in the fall and stored and treated the same as tender Gladiolus. If you live in a warm enough area, they don't need to be dug unless they get too crowded.

Posted by joem50 on 2009-05-02, 05:46:59 Offensive  Report this as offensive.

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