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About a week or two ago, I commented on your earlier photo. Since you put this photo up just afterward and you haven't made any comments, I figure you missed it, therefore I'm repeating my earlier comment.
It appears as if you've got a Century Plant (Agave sp.). If it is, the (main?) plant will die after setting seed. It may produce offsets like Air Plants (Bromeliads) or Hens and Chicks (Sempervivum spp.). Other possibilities are one of the Yucca spp. which usually produce bloom stalks with white flowers, annually on a perennial rosette but usually from the axil of one of the leaves or Hesperaloe sp. which I think grow like the Yuccas but have red flowers. Since this appears to be coming from the center of the plant and is currently unbranched and has no visible flower buds, it is probably a Century Plant. If it is, when it is tall enough, it will branch at the top forming almost a shrub form with hundreds of flowers.

Posted by joem50 on 2010-05-14, 10:51:54 Offensive  Report this as offensive.

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