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I don't know the real name, but around here it's called "Lion's Paw". If it flowers, it's fairly nondescript. It's not in my books by that name, and I found it on the Web only here:

Posted by smkymtn1drer on 2010-07-18, 17:27:52 Offensive  Report this as offensive.

This plant is in the genus Prenanthes in the Composite or Aster family. Plants in the genus go by many common names including Lion's Foot, Gall of the Earth, White Lettuce, Rattlesnake Root and apparently "Lion's Paw" as pointed out by smkymtn1drer. In Gray's Manual of Botany, 9 species and 1 hybrid are listed. Most of the plants bloom in late summer and fall. They aren't very showy. They have disk flowers which are usually off-white, either brownish or grayish. They have no ray flowers. Some species are rare in parts of their range.

Posted by joem50 on 2010-08-15, 01:56:36 Offensive  Report this as offensive.

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