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What a pretty baby, bet she`s a sweetie !

Posted by boopug on 2006-12-27, 21:45:12 Offensive  Report this as offensive.

I Love the bows in Lucy's hair.
Way to go girl!

Posted by ima_digger on 2006-12-29, 15:07:38 Offensive  Report this as offensive.

SOOOOOOOOO cute! I have a shih tzu that is black where your Lucy is tan! His name is Benny!!!! They are the cutest dogs in the WORLD~!! I love shih tzu's!!!

Posted by ditty on 2007-01-25, 21:06:36 Offensive  Report this as offensive.

What a pretty Fur Baby. I absolutely love those eyes. I have a Toy Poodle. He's the BOSS @ our house.

Posted by puff_2007 on 2007-06-10, 16:24:26 Offensive  Report this as offensive.

Little Lucy is truely adorable! I have a new sweet lucy dog too. She is a Multi-Pooh who needs a haircut like yours but here in Michigan, I'm worried about the cold.

Posted by juniebugs on 2008-11-25, 14:46:14 Offensive  Report this as offensive.

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