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Not sure where to find this specific hardware but you could easily make it yourself. First, purchase two flag holder brackets (like the ones you would mount next to your front door to hold a flag). Second, purchase two wooden dowels with a diameter that fits the flag brackets (you will need to trim them to the length you need). Third, purchase two finials of your choice to cap off the end of the brackets. Lastly, paint everything to match (if it doesn't already). Oh, for the top of the awning, you could either mount it with a rod with finials that match the ones you've already chosen (for a more ornate look) OR buy a dowel or wooden drapery rod wide and mount the awning without finials. You should be able to find everything for this project at a hardware store (ie. Lowe's) I think I'm going to make one myself for a little summer project. Thanks for sharing!

Posted by jamiclune on 2008-06-28, 19:42:19 Offensive  Report this as offensive.

thats a beautiful awning! sorry i dont have any help for you, but just wanted to mention that. amanda

Posted by amandasgarden on 2009-08-05, 09:46:45 Offensive  Report this as offensive.

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