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Looks like ornamental grass to me. Cut it down to about ten inches and it probable grow.

Posted by ms.maryliz on 2010-04-23, 07:50:37 Offensive  Report this as offensive.

I agree that it is an ornamental grass. Hard to tell what sort exactly, but it will flourish if you cut it like an upside down ice cream cone. The center live part will be in there somewhere.
As it starts to grow back, look at ornamental grasses in the plant encyclopedias, and you'll probably find it.

Are you in a mild climate? I notice you seem to have some swampy areas toward the back of your yard. If so, be aware that things like wasps and snakes and mice/rats frequent the base of such plants, and depending on the type of wildlife in your area and how near to this clump you get, it could be an issue.

Posted by moccasinlanding on 2010-05-22, 22:39:24 Offensive  Report this as offensive.

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