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A beautiful result, I love it!

Posted by entrenous on 2010-07-10, 14:33:01 Offensive  Report this as offensive.

Hello, Really like your New Kitchen, what are those great Cabinets and where did you find them? Please share the lovely Color of Paint that you used on the walls! Always wanted Soapstone, is it easy to take care of? Rose

Posted by roseofblue on 2010-08-06, 00:55:39 Offensive  Report this as offensive.

Hello, Lovely! Can you give more details about your soapstone: what kind is it, where did you get it, how do you care for it, how's it holding up? Thanks!

Posted by hamden_mom on 2010-08-09, 23:02:59 Offensive  Report this as offensive.

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